Rootful Pieces

Welcome to Rootful Pieces where the idea of culture home and roots are embodied in each piece made.


pair of silver-colored earrings with blue gemstone


Art is the way the soul feels...When she knew she found her soul she felt her spirit soar...

Hi, My name is Hara Kar and my purpose is to show you pieces of art with the concept of roots, home and culture in mind.

There is beauty everywhere you look and each person will see it through their eyes. I meant for each piece to connect with a special buyer. Let my art speak to you.

Check out my unique original handmade pieces of Art, fashion and earrings currently on sale and do come back regularly as pieces are always manifesting.

Let us always be inspired...

you & me
Earring Kit 

Two pairs of earrings available in each kit.
Available in many varieties.
(comes with all supplies needed) 
Made to connect you to that person, the one that makes the 'you&me'

Rootful Pieces has an exclusive lines now available for purchase in stores or online at :

-Bean & Basket
located at  62 Old Kingston Road, Ajax, On.
-We Made it
located at 101 King Ave W, Newcastle, On.
-Tall Birches
located 54 Walton St, Port Hope, Ontario

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 Artists whose work I would like to showcase...

 Jamal Peters

Lover of nature, music and art with a keen eye to details. Check out his paintings. His interest is mainly landscapes but talented in other areas as well. He is a family man,  an artist and Jack of all trades. Check out his business at
With no doubt this man has much talent, and a passion to teach and preach. Keep an eye open, as he has many projects on the move (hint; drums are first)... Stay tuned.

Sannah Karkmaz

The love of my life. My eldest daughter, only 9 years old but so creative. It is her motivation that has brought me to this point. A young girl with so much talent, please do take a look at her paintings. All purchases from her work are saved for her education. She has so much potential, and I guarantee that this will be showcased in her work. 
Her name means brilliant, and brilliance is all that she embodies.

 May Makki

A talented lady with so much passion and creativity it would be a shame to not credit her work. Her speciality is abstract. Not only is she a painter, but also a creator. Check out her Instagram for handmade pet beds @simplysluggish. May has so much to offer and her vibe will make you love her instantly.